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Love... What love is?

This one simple question can mean so many different things for different people. 

Since Valentine's Day is in February, I wanted to dig deeper into the topic of love!

A Big Meaning

So, what does love mean to you? Is it only a feeling that you feel another person, like a significant one? Yes, absolutely yes! It’s such an important feeling that it gives you butterflies fly in your stomach, it makes your heart stop every moment you think of that person or talk to that person. It can make you fly so high in your dreams, see faith in your life and make impossible things appear absolutely real and approachable.

I think that at least once in a lifetime, every single person might experience this kind of feeling! If you have experienced it...isn't amazing?! 

Practical Side Of Love

It’s interesting though, the meaning of love has a much wider approach that the romantic side of it.

You can love anything you are attached to in this world. Anything meaning creation, kindness, and care.

I am at that stage of my life right now, where the main love in my life is my family and I show them this through nurturing care for my husband, my kids, my parents.

How do you show your love to people that mean a lot to you? Do you cook delicious dinners for them? Do you spend time quality time with them? Do you help and support them? Do you believe in them, admire them, share the good and bad with them? To me, love is more than just words, it’s the actions that speak louder than words. That’s what I truly believe. 

Let's Get Serious 

I also love my dog. My two-year-old Italian Mastiff puppy. I love to hug him and talk to him and he listens like no one else. We love to do things together such as little walks around the lake, playtime and food time. I cook, he eats. Do you have a pet? If yes, then I am you sure know what I am talking about! It’s all about that puppy love.

My next love is my work! I am incredibly in love with the work that I do. It’s not just because I love creating, but because being a permanent makeup artist means helping other women to have more self-confidence and feel better about themselves every day, all day long. It means giving women more free time for themselves to make their day easier and leave room for more fun!

Now, guess what my biggest love of all time is.....

Guilty Pleasures






Dark raw chocolate.

Yes, you hear it right- chocolate is my biggest love. It's my delicious guilty pleasure. Lol. I am sure that every one of you has something that makes you feel happy when you are sad, or makes you feel warm if it’s rainy day, or if you feel lonely at the moment, that little something you adore gives you comfort and love. ❤

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