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Cosmetic Tattoo 

Permanent makeup used to define or fill in eyelids, eyebrows, and lips. The lines applied to skin are typically designed not to stand out but to blend in.  The artist may create a solid wash of color to make lips rosier or lash lines darker, or may carefully draw in individual strands of hair along the brow.

Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions are individual  Mink and/or Silk eyelashes. They are attached one-by-one to each of your individual natural lashes – not to the skin. This service is beauty enhancing and eliminates the need to wear mascara. Once the eyelash extensions are applied, they are natural looking. Size availability ranges from short to long which will be decided and agreed upon with your certified eyelash technician.

Eyelash Perm 

For those who have very straight, downward-growing eyelash hair, a perm can provide a nice little lift without using a curler.

If you use an eyelash curler religiously, I'd suggest trying a lash perm to shave time off your morning makeup routine.

What our customers are saying

I went to Irina a year ago to do my eyebrows perm make up. Naturally they are short and Irina created new and beautiful shape. I absolutely love my new shape. It looks natural and i am happy that I do not have to spend each morning in front of the mirror drawing eyebrows line

Anastasia G. - Manager at Sales Department "Jonson  & Jonson"

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