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How It All Started

I’ve loved every minute of my journey

Demand Creates An Idea

My story started at the age of fifteen, when I was in high school. I was a tomboy and not familiar with or interested in beauty or cosmetics. I remember looking in the mirror and realizing that had no idea how to shape my eyebrows correctly. My classmates would constantly make fun of my bushy eyebrows. Looking back, I agree they looked really! So, I started to tweeze them without any clue how to shape them correctly.

Every day I would pluck here and there trying to make the shape of both brows even but, they never looked perfect to me. In fact, as a result, my eyebrows became so over plucked they completely stopped growing back!

Finally, I decided to take a beauty class to learn basic knowledge about using makeup, like how to use colors and shades for eyeliner, how to shape lips and of course, how to shape and improve eyebrows with permanent makeup. 

Steps To Start, And Steps To Continue 

I completely loved this class because it allowed me to discover new tricks, trends and techniques. With a strong artistic talent running through my family, I already had a fundamental art education. Now, with my aesthetician education, I was able to start my career in the beauty industry. That was fifteen years ago. I started as a makeup artist at first, then transitioned into aesthetics and spa ownership. After some time, I took my education one step further and became a member of American Academy of Micropigmentation and State Board Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist of SPCP.  

Love What I Do

As a business owner and a female entrepreneur in the beauty industry, I love interacting with my clients. When my clients share their frustrations about their eyebrows or lashes, I remember how I felt when I was younger. It gives me such joy to be able to help them improve their day in a positive way. I have always loved working with women--helping them look beautiful. I help with the whole package—from giving tips on improving the skin’s appearance, to improving facial features with correct shaping of the eyebrows, and advising on the most suitable and complementary makeup use.

Sharing the sentiments of other women, I know how important it is important to look beautiful and professional during the day. Over time I saw the time saving qualities of permanent cosmetics. This career started as a hobby for friends and family, and grew into a passion and desire to improve the lives of women nationwide. I consider myself very fortunate.



Permanent Cosmetics By Irina Falevich Main Location

126 Sullivan Street, Wurtsboro, NY 12790

Harmony Skin Care

469 7th Ave, Suit 758 

(Btwn 35&36 Streets), 

New York, NY 

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