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I want to share the most frequently asked questions that I am asked during a consultation. It is important to me that the client is educated on the entire process of their permanent makeup service from the preparation of the skin to the healing process. Check out the popular FAQ’s below!

1. Do you shave my eyebrows off?

This is by far the most popular questions that I am asked! The answer is no. I believe that the brows which are naturally given to us are the best shape for our facial features and I normally follow the natural shape of your brows. However, there are ways to enhance it, define and angle the already existing shape and darken the color. These are the purposes of Microblading and Stardust brows. As my client, you always have the option during the consultation to see the desired result before we get started and you may approve or adjust it as needed. 

2. Is Microblading/Stardust Brows painful?

I would say it is minimal pain and entirely depends on your pain threshold. If you have had a regular body tattoo done, that is incredibly more painful that a permanent makeup service like Stardust Liner or Microblading. With that said, I use numbing cream on the area and make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process. If the only reason you might be hesitating about a service is due to the fear f pain then it is a non-issue! 

3. Are you a candidate for permanent makeup? 

In the initial consultation, I always ask “what are your concerns and reasons for wanting to do a permanent makeup service?” Based on my client’s answers – I hear that they are busy moms with very little time, they want to look refreshed and beautiful without spending hours in front of the mirror, they are professional women with time constraints and are always on-the-go! Other clients have health issues that have affected their eyes or poor vision so they are unable to apply makeup accurately. Some clients have had life-altering diseases like Cancer which causes enormous hair loss or Parkinson’s disease which causes unsteady hands. These are the reasons which my clients get a permanent makeup service. If this sounds like you then maybe you are a good candidate as well!

4. What should you consider?

Now, Here is what clients should consider before your service. If you are a person who likes to experiment with your make up look often then carefully consider the permanent make-up service before doing it. The reason is because this is a semi-permanent service that will last several months, you can't change it as often as you might be use to. Also, before your service, your skin should not be sun damaged or overly tanned. During the healing process, you should allow your skin to heal properly before you have extensive sun exposure or tan. For people where fitness is a part of their daily activity, I advise them to not overly sweat. This can cause the color of the ink on their skin to fade faster requiring more touch-ups. During the consultation, we discuss all these aspects and more so, not to worry - together we can figure out if you are a good candidate or not! 

4. What are the things I need to know before my appointment? 

Answer: No Alcohol or coffee before your treatment. After your treatment you can consume alcohol but not before! The reason for this is because both of these have a thinning effect on your blood and can result in you excessively bleeding during your permanent makeup session. Regarding medicines, Accutane users, you must be off of your medicine 6 months prior. For Retinol A users, you must stop topically applying it to your skin and/or taking it orally 4 months prior to your appointment. The clients who take Aspirin, Vitamin E or any fish oils, you must stop usage 3 days prior. We don't want any medicine to irritate the skin prior to your appointment because this can affect the healing time. Another guideline is for the clients who love to tan, absolutely no sunburn on the skin before your session. Please don't wax your eyebrows prior to your appointment but you may pencil in your brows if you would like me to see the shape your desire. You are also welcome to bring pictures of eyebrows that you like and we can discuss the shape and definition during the consultation. 

5. What should I expect when I arrive to my appointment? 

Answer: The first thing we will do is have a consultation. I will listen to any concerns you may have, look at any pictures that you brought and we can discuss what is the desired result for your permanent makeup session. I will then walk you through each step of your session to make sure you are comfortable. We will also discuss the healing time and the entire healing process. It is important to me that you not only feel comfortable but that you know what to expect during and after your permanent makeup appointment.

Have more questions? Feel free to email me directly at

6. What to expect right after your procedure?

Initially, you will experience a little soreness directly after your procedure. This is natural depending on the area, for example lips and eyebrows areas may be swollen/sore a little bit. Usually, because I try to be gentle during my procedure, there is little or no irritation to the area after the procedure is finished. It is important to know that the healing process for lips are 5 days, eyebrows are 10 days and eyeliner heals from 7-10 days. For ALL procedures, I email the aftercare instructions before your procedure. It is important that the proper aftercare is administered so your skin can experience a speedy recovery/healing process without any complications.

Specifically for Eyebrow Procedures

Directly after the procedure, the shape and look of the eyebrow is very defined and looks very close to perfect. Please expect that they will feel slightly tender depending on the depth of the service. If the area feels a bit dry, the client is advised to apply vaseline to the area. It should be expected that your eyebrows will look darker 24 to 72hours after the procedure. The following week you will notice that your eyebrows will lighten up. The entire healing process in 10 days. 

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