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Unwashable Lipstick

For the month of July, I would like to discuss a hot topic for summer – The Lip Tattoo.

I will discuss the entire process of this service so you will have a clear understanding of what to expect before, during and after the service. You can always refer to my video on my website’s home page.

Back To The Past

Before I get started, I would like to share my personal story from my school years. I was a tomboy in school, and makeup at first was my last interest that time. In older classes most of all my friends girls were using tons of cosmetics. They would never stepped in to school without complete makeup done on their faces. They would had tried to encourage me to start using makeup, at least mascara and maybe lipstick. My brows were a disaster that time and I had no idea how to shape and fill in my eyebrows with the pencil, so at least what I could do, and it seemed easiest for me, is to apply lip color on my lips and some mascara on my eyelashes. Again, what looked easy to most of my friends, was not that simple for me: lipstick would get eaten off a few minutes later and needed to be reapplied over again, and mascara would run somehow.

When I think back to those days, I laugh to myself because I had no idea at that time that my career would be involved in makeup somehow.

Few years later, when I was in college, I wish I knew about Permanent Make-up. I would probably went to tattoo my lips without thinking twice. I don’t even know if such an industry existed that time. And if it did, I am sure not on the level it exists now days. 

We All Ask These Questions

So, getting back to lip tattoos, the two main questions that I am asked are these:

1. Is it painful?

2. How to take care of the lip color to make it last longer?

The wonderful thing about lip tattoos is the beauty of not having to touch up your lipstick during dinners or meals and having your lips always look beautiful with that touch of color. However, every individual’s pain threshold is different. One of my patients explained to me that they don’t necessarily feel pain but they feel the application of the needles and to them, that feels like an electric toothbrush on the lips. The first step that I do is apply numbing cream to ensure that you feel the least amount of pain on that area. One of my clients were giving testimonial and was explaining the way the process of Lip Micropigmentation felt for her. Again, please, refer to my “Lip Tattoo” video on homepage of my site just to see it yourself.  

Longer Lasting Color

The second question I am asked is about maintaining the lip color. Here’s a little secret –

The skin on the lips are the thickest skin on the entire face which means they can maintain color longer than your eyebrows, eyelids etc. Touch up is required once every 2 years for most patients. For longer results or to make lip color last longer, always keep your lips hydrated and always use a chapstick with SPF. After-care is very important for any micropigmented area, and my recommended aftercare products are Vaseline/Aquafor, or if you are a fan of more organic care, so coconut oil would be a perfect solution for this.

During the healing process please stay away from the sauna, steam room, direct sunlight and very hot showers. This should be avoided for at least 5 days while your lips are healing. Also, during the healing process moisturize your lips as soon as they feel dry.

Keep It On!

For me personally, getting the lip tattoo done was a priority because I practically used to eat my lipstick off every 15 minutes. This was a relief to get permanent color done for my lips because I never have to think about if my makeup is smeared or if it needs to be reapplied any more.

I personally believe that you would especially enjoy having unwashable lipstick during summer time because you take vacations, go swimming and even if there is a rain, you can be assured that your makeup will still be intact and your lips will remain looking beautiful with just the right touch of color.  



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