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Powder/Stardust Eyebrows

Powder or Stardust Eyebrows are done with the technique, that gives you an effect of "pixel-like". This technique is perfect for any skin types, especially oily or mature skin, and also for those who are trying to achieve fashionable  eyebrow makeup effect. This method goes very lightly into the skin using very small dots of pigment with special permanent makeup machine and has a very defined shading shape.  It is important to note it does not look "blocky" or heavy when done correctly. This method is for you if you are looking for longer term eyebrow tattoo. The result might last up to three years. 

- Fashionable  makeup effect

- Perfect for oily skin

- Can be used to cover old permanent makeup tattoo 

- Lasting effect 

Microblading and Stardust Combination Technique

Combination of Microblading and Stardust techniques are used together to create super natural looking eyebrows with more definition. This method is ideal for people who have no natural eyebrows and those who simply wants to add more volume and correct the shape of eyebrows. 

- Realistic results

- Allows to recreate lost eyebrows

- Combination of Microblading and Stardust technique 

- Fashionable and natural looking effect 

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