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Eyebrow Shapes Throughout Decades

Happy September everyone! Here’s hoping that Summer brought you a lot of sun and fun into your days! This month I wanted to cover eyebrow shapes throughout decades. This started when I noticed this month’s British Vogue issue with the beauty Rihanna on the cover. However, her eyebrows were “pencil thin” and the internet can’t get enough of it, so much so, that it started a discussion and shapes and trends!

So, let’s dig into this topic and see how the shape of eyebrows have changed throughout decades. 

Starting with 1940’s Joan Crawford trademarked the heavier brow, making this her signature look. 

In the 1950’s came the era of Marilyn Monroe. She brought angled arches to life, added volume lashes and bold red lips to complement her angled brows.

Also in 1950’s Elizabeth Taylor arrived onto the brow scene by showing us all that bold is beautiful. She was the first to fill in her brows and adding that bold color to her look. 

1960’s was the age of back to the defined brow by Twiggy. Her arch defined her cheek bones and jawline perfectly – everyone wanted this look!

In the 1970’s long lashes started to trend with arched brows. This was the signature look of the beauty Diana Ross. 

Oh the 1980’s are where it seemed as if women forgot to groom. Madonna and Brooke Shields both showed that it was ok to be Natural!

In the 1990’s models, singers and actresses expressed thin brows. Drew Barrymore, Tyra Banks and Kate Moss showed it was okay to add a little arch or a longer tail once your brow followed its natural hair line. 

In the 2000’s reality TV hit and everyone wanted to ‘Keep Up With The Kardashians’. They promoted long bold lashes, thicker brows, bold and defined lips which seemed to be a combination of all the decades put together. This trend has continued to today. It seems that with the takeover of social media, influencers dictate the trends which has circled back time and time again.

From the 2000’s to today, the symmetry of your face, color of your hair and natural hairline are what clients request most. They no longer ask for just an arched brow. They will take bits and pieces from today’s trends and make it their own to complete a unique look.

So, which decade is your favorite? 

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