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Benefits of Permanent Makeup 

Every Woman is Different 

In today’s article, I wanted to personally share with you the benefits of Permanent Makeup. I have been an aesthetician for fifteen years with the most wonderful long-term clients. During each session and service, I always hear from my clients why they love permanent makeup. Today, I want to share what I hear from my clients for anyone considering or wondering about permanent makeup.

The main thing comment after a client’s first service is the beauty aspect. My clients share how lovely it is to wake up and feel like they are already beautified without even touching their makeup bag. Every woman is different, but this could mean their eyebrows are shapely without penciling them in or eyelashes are full of volume without mascara or natural eyeliner on their eyes to name a few. 

Reasons to Get It Done 

One client has shared that she loves waking up next to her husband and hearing him express how beautiful she looks in the morning! Another says that after her microblading session she gets so many compliments. People tell her she looks different and more refreshed. Part of the reason for this is because shapely eyebrows can change the entire symmetry of one’s face. When a face is more symmetric it can appear more “attractive” to the human eye.

The other benefit which I hear is the time saving aspect. Just like waking up and feeling beautiful, clients share that they save time in front of the mirror when applying makeup. One client mentioned that in the morning she has gained 30mins to spend with her kids before she goes to work. Another client says that it is lovely to wake up and be 50% to 75% percent ready for her day!

Regardless of the service they choose, clients share there is nothing like saving time and portraying the best outwardly beautiful version of themselves 24/7! To me, that makes my passion for permanent cosmetic artist worth it!  

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