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The 5 Most Common Mistakes 

Women/Men Make When Doing Their Eyebrows

1. Follow your natural eyebrow hairline

1. Follow your natural eyebrow hairline - It’s always important to follow the actual shape of your eyebrows to make them look unique and effortlessly natural. Defining the arch and correcting the shape can complement your face. The perfect eyebrow shape will create the right frame for your eyes and a symmetric youthful appearance for your face.

2. Don’t color them in too dark or tint them too light

The color of the eyebrows is very important because it is the first thing people notice! The eyebrow color should be based on your skin tone, color of your hair, and most importantly, the natural color of your eyebrows to create a perfect look. Picking the wrong color can make your face look unnatural and older. It can also have a ‘fake’or ‘caked on’ makeup look. 

3. Your eyebrows should be unique to you 

 Following the trends of celebrities is not always the best idea. Trends come and go and usually appeal to certain age groups, demographics or and are done for ratings. Most of the time, it is a temporary fashion fad to create a look that is edgy and stands out but doesn’t necessarily fit every individual. It is important to talk to your eyebrow specialist, notice your own eyebrow hairline and enhance the existing shape .

4. Don’t over pluck/wax/thread

Yes, that’s right, this happens way too much. Even with today’s trend of having wide eyebrows, women still over pluck to achieve their perception the of the right shape. Without the basic knowledge of how to shape your brows, they can end up looking too thin and even patchy. If you are unsure of the eyebrow thickness that suits your face, seek out your eyebrow specialist to help!

5. Drawing one solid shape

5. Drawing one solid shape - Can’t believe this is still happening but this is another huge mistake. Some men/women tend to draw one solid shape which looks like one large block of color. This leads to very unnatural looking tattoo-like eyebrows. This kind of drawing will mostly make you look like Hedwig from The Angry Inch movie (even its one of my favorites plus the Broadway show was incredible for very open-minded people). But, I must admit, we really shouldn’t be that “open minded” with our eyebrows.

Shape, color, definition and maintenance all play an integral part in achieving the perfect eyebrow look. You have unique eyebrows and enhancing them in the right way only accentuates your beautiful face.

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