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Eyebrow Trends From The 2020 Grammys

Let’s talk about brows at the 2020 Grammy Awards! These red-carpet events set the trends for

the entire year. Many people are glued to their tv to see who showed up with who, asses the

dresses, hear the performances and ultimately see the celebrities they love!

Why do I watch the Grammy Awards? To see the eyebrow trends! Let’s get right into it!

My 2020 EyeBrow Assessment? Full Bushy Brows!

Everyone from Lizzo to Billie Eilish was sporting medium to full-on thickness in their brows.

Long gone are the days when brows are pencil thin.

H.E.R’s brows looked beautiful, natural, medium thickness and seemed fit her face beautifully.

Another trend that I saw alot of was showcasing the hair strokes. In the picture on the left you

can see exactly what I mean. It is a growing trend to brush the hair strokes up and keep them in

place with spray to depict a natural bushy brow look. I believe that in 2020 we’ll be seeing more

of this trend pop up.

What’s the last trend I noticed? Light hair color and darker contrasting brows. I think this look is

very beautiful. It adds an extra enhancement to the eye area and really makes the brows pop.

Even if you are filling them in to make them thicker, as Gwen Stefani did here at the Grammys,

they still look elegant and beautiful for a night out!

Let me know if you noticed any trends on the red carpet and what you thought!

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